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    Cork on the table

    Once the cork is on the table, the opened bottle outght to be emtyied...

  • Archive

    Wine archive

    Not only rare wines, but also wines for pleasure in combination with our delicacies are fully at your disposal!

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    After a good meal...

    The joy of combining delicious food with a well-chosen wine should be closed with the right digestive. We recommend you to choose from our selection of rare Armagnags!

  • Apartmán

    Our services just for you!

    Order a culinary experience prepared just for you in our private apartment.

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    All the costs associated with shipping of your order within the Czech Republic we book on us.

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    Having additional requirements, or need more information to our wines or services? Do not hesitate to call us.

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    Following the cutting-edge security technologies, we provide you secure online payments by cards issued by VISA or MasterCard.

Private restaurant

Silent enjoyment of the recommended combination of exceptional wines and French specialties

- Professional sommelier approach to archived wines.
- Uninterrupted enjoyment of the recommended combination of exceptional wines and French specialties.
- Possibility to open purchased wines in the luxurious ambience of Apartment Belleuve with a guarantee for possible cork defects.
- Regular tastings focused on selected archive wines.
- Advice on the purchase, storage and opening of French archives.

  • Registration discount

    Finalize your second order while being registered customer - you receive 3% discount on your future purchase.